Entrants are highly encouraged to check out the following website for information about marine debris and the impact on our marine environment –
Each entry must be composed of a sculpture and a description (on the entry form).
All must meet the requirements listed below:

  1. Avoid labelling marine debris items with any brand names in the sculpture.
  2. Sculptures must be made safe (no sharp edges) to avoid personal injury to anyone while being handled for
    delivery/collection and display.
  3. Sculptures must be durable for changes in weather conditions (rain, heat, wind) to be displayed outdoors.
  4. Items on the sculptures need to be attached so they won’t fly away in the wind to return to the water.
  5. The entry form must be filled out completely and be legible or the sculpture will not be included in the
    competition. This includes entrant details, sculptor bio, descriptions and photos.
  6. There should be one entry form filled out per entrant (entry form + sculpture).
  7. The competition entry form must be submitted electronically by 1 March, 2021 to:
  8. The delivery of the sculpture to the competition organisers is to be arranged by the sculptor and the organiser accepts no liability during handling for delivery/collection and display for damage.
  9. The sculpture must be delivered to the Gladstone Festivals & Events office between the hours of 9am to 3pm from Monday 29 March to Tuesday 30 March, 2021. For larger public sculptures prior notice of delivery needs to be arranged by contacting Mobile: 0428743474 to place it safely at the GAPDL Information Centre for public display.

Happy with the rules?

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